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Word by Word

Word by Word
  • How to Be a Great Youth Pastor: A Complete Guide
    As the Israelites said of the manna that fell from heaven, so it must be said of the youth pastor: What is it? Empirically speaking, youth pastors are half-friend, half-pastor, half-parent, half-can’t-decide-what-it-is types of things. But what should “youth pastors,” this modern invention, be or do? What does their calling look like, practically? How does […]
  • How to Develop a Culture of Bible Study in Your Church
    There is one question I receive more than any other when Christians discover I’m involved in a collegiate discipleship ministry: What materials or resources do you use? I appreciate the eagerness behind the question, as folks generally aim to improve their own efforts to make disciples of Christ. But sadly, my answer doesn’t usually satisfy […]
  • Ancient Greek Verbs: How Aspect and Aktionsart Effect Interpretation
    I like to say to students that, in ancient Greek, verbs are where the action is. It’s a tongue-in-cheek acknowledgement that, of course, verbs are doing words, but also that verbs are centrally significant for the way that ancient Greek functions. The verbal system is the engine room of the Greek language. Given their great […]