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Word by Word

Word by Word
  • What Is Advent? And Why Is It Important for Believers?
    What is Advent? The Advent season begins four Sundays before Christmas. In 2023, Advent starts on Sunday, December 3, and ends on Sunday, December 24. Each Sunday coincides with the lighting of one of four candles—a purple one on the first, second, and fourth Sunday, and a pink one on the third Sunday. Liturgically, the […]
  • The Psalms: Are They Maximally or Minimally Messianic?
    Charles Spurgeon criticized Robert Hawker's Bible commentary for seeing Jesus in unnecessary places, such as every Psalm, a view widely held in Christian interpretation until John Calvin rooted Psalm interpretation in historical context. There's now a resurgence of this view supported by the authorship of the Psalms primarily attributed to David, God’s Messiah. Highlighted is the role of the Psalms in guiding the righteous and their relevance to Jesus in his life and crucifixion.
  • What Do Work & Fear Have to Do with Salvation?
    What do good works have to do with salvation? Absolutely nothing! I would like to contest the notion that Paul contradicts himself when he insists that salvation does not come from works and that we must work out our salvation. We will investigate Philippians 2:12 and answer the meaning, method, and motive.