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Word by Word
  • Bioethics from Embryo to Deathbed: Right, Wrong, and Healthcare
    Life is messy. Really messy. And it presents humans with all sorts of complicated spiritual, social, and legal challenges about what’s right and wrong, or even good or best. Ethics relates to the rightness and wrongness of certain actions. When ethical questions relate more narrowly to biomedicine and biomedical research, we have the subset of bioethics. Bioethics is ethical decision-making as it relates to healthcare. At the heart of bioethics is this question: What is morally good in a healthcare situation and how does a person determine the best course of action?
  • What Makes Christian Ethics Truly “Christian”? A Seminary Prof Answers
    Christians do not have unique possession of the ethical, of what is good and right. The Greeks wrote of the good life; today many different guilds work carefully to police the professional ethics of their respective fields. And plenty of other ancient or contemporary settings witness to the seemingly global concern for knowing the good, […]
  • Is Money the Root of All Evil? What the Bible (Really) Says
    No doubt we’ve all heard somewhere that money is the root of all evil. The saying is deeply embedded in popular wisdom. But is it really true?