Radio City Playhouse

playhouse lg.jpgRadio City Playhouse was a live half-hour anthology series that aired on NBC from July 3, 1948 to January 1, 1950. Directed by Harry W. Junkin, with music by Dr. Roy Shield, and announcers Bob Warren (1948-49) and Fred Collins (1949-50), the series presented original radio dramas regardless of the fame of the author, so long as they were considered 'good'. Many of the broadcasts have survived and can be heard on websites specializing in old-time radio.

Episode Number Episode Title Aired Datesort descending
1 Long Distance Saturday, July 3, 1948
2 Ground Floor Window Saturday, July 10, 1948
3 Of Unsound Mind Saturday, July 17, 1948
4 Whistle, Daughter, Whistle Saturday, July 31, 1948
5 Special Delivery Saturday, August 7, 1948
10 King of the Moon Monday, September 6, 1948