The Jack Benny Program

benny lg.jpgJack Benny first appeared on radio as a guest of Ed Sullivan in 1932. He was then given his own show later that year, with Canada Dry Ginger Ale as a sponsor —The Canada Dry Program, beginning May 2, 1932, on the NBC Blue Network and continuing there for six months until October 26, moving the show to CBS on October 30. With Ted Weems leading the band, Benny stayed on CBS until January 26, 1933.

Arriving at NBC on March 17, Benny did The Chevrolet Program until April 1, 1934. He continued with The General Tire Revue for the rest of that season, and in the fall of 1934, for General Foods as The Jell-O Program Starring Jack Benny (1934–42) and, when sales of Jell-O were affected by sugar rationing during World War II, The Grape Nuts Flakes Program Starring Jack Benny (Later the Grape Nuts and Grape Nuts Flakes Program) (1942–44). On October 1, 1944, the show became The Lucky Strike Program Starring Jack Benny, when American Tobacco's Lucky Strike cigarettes took over as his radio sponsor, through the mid-1950s. By that time, the practice of using the sponsor's name as the title began to fade.

The show returned to CBS on January 2, 1949, as part of CBS president William S. Paley's notorious "raid" of NBC talent in 1948-49. There it stayed for the remainder of its radio run, which ended on May 22, 1955. CBS aired repeats of previous 1953-55 radio episodes from 1956 to 1958 as The Best of Benny for State Farm Insurance, who later sponsored his television program from 1960 through 1965.

Episode Number Episode Title Aired Datesort descending
70 Outstanding Achievements of 1932 Review Sunday, January 1, 1933
76 Bertha the Sewing Machine Girl Sunday, January 22, 1933
4 A Conversation with Harpo, Bing Crosby, Gary Cooper Friday, May 12, 1933
113 Miniature Women Friday, February 2, 1934
114 Don't Live Right Sunday, February 18, 1934
115 My Life as a Floorwalker Sunday, February 25, 1934
The Hills of Kentucky Friday, May 4, 1934
509 Jack Throws Swimming Party at His House Thursday, March 26, 1936
235 Money Ain't Everything Sunday, December 6, 1936
244 The Stolen Violin Sunday, February 7, 1937
532 Trimming a Tree Sunday, December 24, 1944
599 Jack Buys Don Shoe Laces for Christmas Sunday, December 8, 1946
635 Last Moment Christmas Shopping Sunday, December 21, 1947