The Green Lama

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More than three years after the demise of his comic-book, the Green Lama was resurrected for a short-lived CBS radio series that ran for 11 episodes from 5 June 1949 to 20 August 1949, with the character's voice provided by Paul Frees. This version of the Green Lama was also written by creator Kendell Foster Crossen, along with several co-writers.

The Green Lama begins memorably with his sacred chant "Ohm, Mani, Padme, Ohm, The Green Lama Strikes for Justice. BONG!!! Paul Frees played young wealthy American Jethro Dumont, otherwise known as the Green Lama. He has returned to American after 10 years in Tibet, with a taste for justice and a sidekick the Tibetan Tulku, played by Ben Wright. Jethro's need for justice to see the road to justice leads him around the world. Whenever he is in trouble he chants his sacred chant "Ohm, Mani, Padme, Ohm, The Green Lama Strikes for Justice" and often the bad guys are intimidated. Based on the novels by Kendall Foster Crossen (pen name--Richard Foster), these shows are extremely rare.

Episode Number Episode Title Aired Datesort descending
1 The Man Who Never Existed Sunday, June 5, 1949
4 Million Dollar Chopsticks Sunday, June 26, 1949
5 The Last Dinosaur Sunday, July 3, 1949
10 The Case Of The Dangerous Dog (1997 Recreation) Sunday, August 14, 1949
11 The Case of the Patient Prisoner Saturday, August 20, 1949