Campbell's Playhouse

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The Campbell Playhouse (1938–1940) is a CBS radio drama series directed by and starring Orson Welles. Produced by John Houseman, it was a sponsored continuation of The Mercury Theatre on the Air. The series offered 60-minute adaptations of classic plays and novels, plus some adaptations of popular motion pictures.

After the departure of Welles at the end of the second season, The Campbell Playhouse changed format as a 30-minute weekly series that ran for one season (1940–1941).

The Campbell Playhouse is also the title of an NBC television series later called Campbell Soundstage and Campbell Summer Soundstage (1952–1954).

Episode Number Episode Title Aired Datesort descending
3 A Christmas Carol Friday, December 23, 1938
1 Rebecca Thursday, December 29, 1938
10 The Green Goddess Friday, February 10, 1939
46 The Citadel Sunday, January 21, 1940
54 Huckleberry Finn Sunday, March 17, 1940