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Blondie is a radio situation comedy adapted from the long-run Blondie comic strip by Chic Young. The radio program had a long run on several networks from 1939 to 1950.

After Penny Singleton was cast in the title role of the feature film Blondie (1938), co-starring with Arthur Lake as Dagwood (the first in a series of 28 produced by Columbia Pictures); she and Lake repeated their roles December 20, 1938, on The Pepsodent Show starring Bob Hope. The appearance with Hope led to their own show, beginning July 3, 1939, on CBS as a summer replacement for The Eddie Cantor Show. However, Cantor did not return in the fall, so the sponsor, R.J. Reynolds' Camel Cigarettes chose to keep Blondie on the air Mondays at 7:30pm. Camel remained the sponsor through the early WWII years until June 26, 1944.

In 1944, Blondie was on the NBC Blue Network, sponsored by Colgate-Palmolive's Super Suds, airing Fridays at 7pm from July 21 to September 1. The final three weeks of that run overlapped with Blondie's return to CBS on Sundays at 8pm from August 13, 1944, to September 26, 1948, still sponsored by Super Suds. Beginning in mid-1945, the 30-minute program was heard Mondays at 7:30pm. Super Suds continued as the sponsor when the show moved to NBC on Wednesdays at 8pm from October 6, 1948, to June 29, 1949.

When Penny Singleton left the radio series in the mid-1940s, Patricia Lake, the former Patricia Van Cleeve, replaced her as the voice of Blondie for the remaining five years of the show, opposite her real-life husband Arthur Lake. Ann Rutherford and Alice White were also heard as radio's Blondie. In 1954, Lake also co-starred with her husband in an early television sitcom he created called Meet the Family.

In its final season, the series was on ABC as a Sustaining Program from October 6, 1949, to July 6, 1950, first airing Thursdays at 8pm and then (from May) 8:30pm. The radio show ended the same year as the Blondie film series (1938-50).

Episode Number Episode Title Aired Datesort descending
In Paris with Mr & Mrs Dithers (no Ending)
(promo) w Robert Benchley
Dagwood Loses Dithers $5,000
The Missing Package
Camping in Back Yard
Contract Problems
Fly Worth Two Thousand Dollars
Raises Chickens While Blondie's Away
Ride in the Country
Storm in a Teacup
Circus Outing
6 Dagwood The Hunter Monday, August 7, 1939
18 Blondie Suits Dagwood to A Tee Monday, October 30, 1939
19 Blondie and The Model Home Monday, November 6, 1939
26 Blondie's 'A Christmas Carol' Monday, December 25, 1939
40 Blondie and the April Fool's Birthday Monday, April 1, 1940
42 Blondie's Formal Garden Monday, April 15, 1940
43 Blondie and The Open Road Monday, April 22, 1940
46 Blondie Saves the Company Party Monday, May 13, 1940
185 Blondie's Trouble Arrives C.O.D. Monday, April 12, 1943
188 Blondie and The Sea Serpents Monday, May 10, 1943
211 Blondie Buys A Lot Monday, October 11, 1943
238 Blondie Redecorates The Office Monday, April 17, 1944
Dagwood's Icy Challenge Sunday, June 18, 1944
247 Blondie's Beautiful Dreamer Monday, June 19, 1944
249 Blondie Calls the Plumber [PREMIERE - NEW NETWORK] Friday, July 21, 1944
253 Blondie Cracks an Alibi Friday, August 18, 1944
260 Blondie's Husband Forgets Himself Sunday, September 17, 1944
263 Blondie Meets Baby Snooks Sunday, October 8, 1944
264 Blondie Feuds with Woodley Sunday, October 15, 1944
284 Blondie Woos The Muse Sunday, February 25, 1945
Dagwood Wins A Diamond Ring Sunday, March 11, 1945
297 Blondie and Society Sunday, May 27, 1945
410 Blondie Plans A Vacation Sunday, July 27, 1947
476 Blondie and 'The Tattletale' Wednesday, November 3, 1948
478 Blondie Buys A Car Wednesday, November 17, 1948
482 Blondie Asks The Kids What They Want for Christmas Wednesday, December 15, 1948
490 Blondie's Valentine's Day Problem Wednesday, February 9, 1949
Arab In Love With Blondie Friday, January 6, 1950
530 Alexander The Thespian Thursday, February 16, 1950