Why is OTR Community Crowd Sourced?

Mon, 2013-03-04 19:05 -- Josh

This is a questions we hear a lot at OTR Community, "Why aren't there more shows or more episodes?". The answer is simple, we don't want to be a simple repository, we wan't to build a community! A community of Old Time Radio fans coming together to share their invaluable knowledge as well as their favorite episodes.

These thrilling classics of the Golden Era create community, or family, mind you. In the days of old you would gather around the radio in one room and listen to Jack Benny or Bob Hope. It created a bond among friends and family as they would share in that time together.

That is the purpose of OTR Community, to cultivate and create an online/mobile version of that. That is why our repository may be small, but it is always growing! The best part is that you get to be apart of that growth! Through crowdsourcing we give you the power to upload your favorites and share the information that you have on your favorite Old Time Radio shows.

We really try to deliver the best platform built specifically for OTR users and fans. We hope you continue to enjoy all the awesome OTR we have! If you wan't to be a part of OTR Community here are some how to's.