How to upload a Radio Show

This is documentation on how to upload a radio show that you wish to share on OTR Community.

First things first, you should always check to see if the episode you are uploading is currently already availiable on OTR Community. If it is and you wish to add more information on a particular epsiode you may do so by putting in a request to change possibly the Air Date or add the Episode Number. We always try to have the most accurate and up to date info on our radio shows.

Secondly, you should always try to add as much information on an episode that you can. This allows the episode to be better categorized and sorted, the more data the better! If you need a resource to check your information against check Wikipedia or the Old Time Radio Researchers Group. To find an episode description check out the Radio GOLDINdex they have good deatiled episode information.

To add your episode click on the Submit Radio Show link on the right side menu. Here you can see the necessary steps to submit your radio episode. Items with a * MUST be filled out, other fields are not required. If you are not sure on a field that is not required leave it blank.

Add in the title of the epsiode, ex. Close That Door

Then add the Radio Show, if you start typing the part of the show it will begin to search for the name and you can simply click on the dropdown menu.

Then add in the Episode Number, ex. 35

Then add in the Original Aired Date in the following format, ex. 1945-01-21     i.e. YEAR-MO-DY

Then add the mp3 file for the episode