OTR Community ramping up development

by Josh

Well it's been a little while since there has been some major changes on OTR Community, but the good news is were back! We are excited to announce a new site design that is hopefully nice and easy to manage. We decided to make our website style a little more simple and clean. We wanted to make it easier to navigate and use the website.


OTR Communtiy

by Josh

As a kid I did not sit around the radio and listen to episodes of My Favorite Husband or The Shadow. I am from the television generation and watched episodes of The Andy Griffith Show. But I know I would have enjoyed and loved to been in an era of Old Time Radio from the 20’s to the 50’s. Old Time Radio (OTR) is nostalgic, mind wandering and creative. Today we have everything visual, with nothing to the imagination. The kids of today are not listening to favorite books being read or radio episode, they are watching their favorite TV shows and Youtube on internet.