Where can I find new episodes???

by Josh

If you are looking to find where the latest Radio Show episodes are, be sure to check out our new stream. With the stream you can set status updates, just like Twitter does, and you can tell people what's new in with you. You can use hashtags # to define searchable terms. You can also mention people with @ (@josh) to send a status to someone.


The all new OTR Community

by Josh

The brand new OTR Community is here! With quite a few new features as well as a better system to build more improvements in the future. We created a better way to find and add all of your favorite Old Time Radio shows.

One of the biggest new features we have added is the new Like button. You can now like your favorite episodes and get access to them very easily to find all your liked shows.


New Features To Checkout

by Josh

As we continue to find ways to improve OTR Community, we are always adding and building up the website and the community. We have done our best in the past months to really look at how to improve the website and get our radio shows into more people's hands.