OTR Spotlight: The Aldrich Family

by Josh

Henry Aldrich comic book"Hen-reeeeeeeeeeeee! Hen-ree Al-drich!" "Coming mother" is the classic opening to one of old time radios most underrated comedies. The Aldrich Family was a popular show that followed a young teenage boy named Henry Aldrich. Henry and his pal Homer and others, were always finding themselves stuck in a sticky situation.


What do you wan't to see more of?

by Josh

We want to know what type of Radio Show Genre you want to see more of? In an effort to better provide our users with their favorite Old Time Radio Shows we have created a poll! Be sure to vote and get in your opinion on the matter.

This poll will determine which type of radio classics we upload more of. These episodes will be available on both the app and website for streaming or downloading.


Why is OTR Community Crowd Sourced?

Mon, 2013-03-04 19:05 -- Josh

This is a questions we hear a lot at OTR Community, "Why aren't there more shows or more episodes?". The answer is simple, we don't want to be a simple repository, we wan't to build a community! A community of Old Time Radio fans coming together to share their invaluable knowledge as well as their favorite episodes.


OTR Communtiy App v1.2.2 is Out

by Josh

We just released a new version of the OTR Community app for iPhone! This is version 1.2.2, while it is a relatively minor update we have added a few new goodies to check out.

otr_community_search.jpgThe first being some new search capabilities. Instead of swiping through the list of shows or episodes you can simply use the search box to easily filter out and find the show or episode you are looking for.