Ed Wynn The Fire Chief

wynn lg.jpgAnyone who ever saw Ed Wynn will remember him and his unforgetable giddly voice. That tousled hair, that rubbery face, that fluttery voice and his kindly demeanor. The sad thing is that his, and many of these brilliant character actor's, memories are fading away. Young people are truly missing out on some fabulous talent. The legacy of Ed Wynn and the others is preserved on film and video tape but these youngsters need to be aware of that. Ed Wynn had his own style, which began in vaudeville and evolved from there into television and movies.

Ed Wynn was more a clown, than comedian in style. He brought vaudeville to television in its waning days and those of us living in the 1950s were privileged to experience that medium. He evolved into one fantastic character actor in his later years, even garnering an Oscar nomination for his work. Although he looks very little like his son, Keenan, he was a very jolly looking man, with a pudgy face, a slightly bulbous nose and twinkling eyes. As mentioned his voice was so memorable with its blustery quality, a slight listhp and his trademark giggle.

Episode Title Aired Datesort descending
The Prince Goes To School Wednesday, July 27, 1932
Trial By Jury Tuesday, August 9, 1932
Poorhouse Behind The Hill Tuesday, November 1, 1932
Home Sweet Home Tuesday, January 10, 1933
A Wife In Every Port Sunday, May 26, 1935