Candy Matson

candy lg.jpgCandy Matson was a radio program on NBC West Coast which aired from June 1949 to May 1951. It centered on Candy Matson, a private investigator with a wry sense of humor and a penthouse on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco. The program was notable for having a strong female character as well as a veiled gay character in Candy's best friend Rembrandt Watson, voiced by Jack Thomas. Candy's love interest was police detective Ray Mallard, voiced by Henry Leff.
It was created by Monty Masters and starred his wife Natalie Parks as Candy Matson.
Only 14 of the 92 episodes survive, along with the April 1949 audition show and the September 1952 series revival audition show.

Episode Number Episode Title Aired Datesort descending
19 The Devil in the Deep Freeze Thursday, November 10, 1949
33 Eric Spaulding Concert Friday, January 13, 1950
50 Symphony of Death Monday, June 19, 1950
60 The Movie Company Monday, September 11, 1950
The Fort Ord Story Monday, October 9, 1950