The Amazing Mr. Malone

malone lg.jpgOne of the lesser known radio detective serials was The Amazing Mr. Malone also known as Murder and Mr. Malone. Socialite John Joseph Malone (Gene Raymond, George Petrie, Frank Lovejoy) is a tough Chicago criminal lawyer who takes on a new case in each episode. Malone never gives up until justice is done.

Based on the John Malone series of mystery novels by Craig Rice, and on the radio series of the same name. John J. Malone, socialite and ladies man, is a brilliant criminal lawyer taking up a new case in every episode. Using his finely-honed deductive and persuasive skills, he never gives up until justice is done.

Episode Number Episode Title Aired Datesort descending
171 A Strong Offence is the Best Defence Friday, May 25, 1951
172 Seek and Ye Shall Find Friday, June 8, 1951
174 Hard Work Never Killed Anyone Friday, June 22, 1951
176 Never Judge a Book By Its Cover Friday, July 6, 1951
177 Haste Makes Waste(Last Episode) Friday, July 13, 1951