Adventures of Philip Marlowe

marlowe lg.jpgThe Adventures of Philip Marlowe was a radio series featuring Raymond Chandler's private eye, Philip Marlowe. It first aired 17 June 1947 on NBC radio under the title "The New Adventures of Philip Marlowe", with Van Heflin playing Marlowe. The first episode adapted Chandler's short story "Red Wind". The NBC series ended 9 September 1947. In 1948, the series moved to CBS, where it was called "The Adventure of Philip Marlowe", with Gerald Mohr playing Marlowe. This series also began with an adaptation of "Red Wind", using a script different from the NBC adaptation. By 1949, it had the largest audience in radio. The CBS version ran for 114 episodes. Toward the end it was a summer replacement for Hopalong Cassady. Mohr played Marlowe in all but one of the CBS shows. He was replaced by William Conrad in the 1950 episode, "The Anniversary Gift".
The episode "The Birds On The Wing" (aired 11-26-49) is especially notable for its beginning and ending, both uncharacteristically breaking the fourth wall. It opens with Marlowe saying he is currently reading "Chandler's latest The Little Sister" -- thus a fictional character claims to be reading an actual book in which he is the main character. Even more surreal was the ending, in which Marlowe returns to his apartment to find Gracie Allen -- who asks Marlowe to find her husband George Burns a radio show on which he can sing!
The last show aired 15 September 1951.

Episode Number Episode Title Aired Datesort descending
4 Where There's a Will Sunday, October 17, 1948
36 The Unfair Lady Saturday, June 4, 1949
69 The Hairpin Turn Saturday, January 28, 1950
71 The Grim Echo Tuesday, February 14, 1950
89 The Gold Cobra Wednesday, June 21, 1950
106 Life Can Be Murder Saturday, July 21, 1951