The Adventures of the Falcon

falcon lg.jpgThe Falcon radio series premiered on the American Blue Network in April 1943 and continued on the air till around September 1952.

The introduction to the show began with "The Adventures of the Falcon." Then continuing with a ringing phone call to the Falcon, also known as Michael Waring, from a woman in which her voice is never heard. He would reply to her and another adventure would follow. Waring was snappy and sarcastic with the incompetent police who were inevitably unable to solve the mysteries without his help. Like the films, the radio plots mixed danger, romance and comedy in equal parts.

About 70 episodes where created. The Falcon had many voices acting his part, beginning with Barry Kroeger. James Meighan later became the voice of the Falcon followed by Les Tremayne, George Petrie, and Les Damon.

Episode Number Episode Title Aired Datesort descending
389 The Case of the Lonely Hunter Thursday, July 31, 1952
390 The Case of the Rolling Stones Thursday, August 7, 1952
392 The Case of the Silent Butler Thursday, August 21, 1952
394 The Case of the Jack of Diamonds Sunday, September 7, 1952
395 The Case of the Strawberry Blond Sunday, September 14, 1952